New York Office Internships

Coding intensive developmental tasks are a major part of these internships, which are managed by senior student mentors and NYC office. These internships are crucial in building hacking skills, which are desired by most of the professors across the globe. Students have been applying these skills to their research projects and in getting good jobs with industry. Most US faculty ask for programming skills and ability to complete projects as necessary conditions to consider students for summer internships. This has been such a consistent requisite from large number of faculty that the NYC office has spoken with that it was felt it best to start the students early. Even first year undergraduate students benefit from this.

A general list of students and the hacking skills they have picked up as keywords against their names is listed below. Many of these students after finishing the summer and/or winter sessions receive recommendation letters certifying the skills they have picked up. The students work in teams in many cases and learn leadership, team skills, working collaboratively to finish tasks and most important of all, they learn to try to finish things.